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What's the high temperature resistance of fiberglss sleeve?

Fiberglass sleeve is widely used for high temperature insulation protection. The high temperature is only compared with heat shrinkable tube and PVC insulating tube. The general insulating sleeve is 120 degree resistance. The common temperature resistance of fiberglass sleeve is 200 ° C, so how high temperature can fiberglass sleeve resistant?
The temperature resistance grade of fiberglass sleeve is far more than 200 °C. It is best to see from the main materials of fiberglass sleeve that glass fiber is the necessary and most important component of fiberglass sleeve, and glass fiber is an excellent performance. The inorganic non-metallic materials are generally made of glass balls and used glass. The main ingredient is silica andAlumina.
The properties of fiberglass are listed as the following:
1. Good insulation performance: not easy to burn, advanced electrical insulation material, 300 °C high temp does not affect its performance;
2. Strong heat resistance: the highest melting point is 680 ° C;
3. Good corrosion resistance: it can only be corroded by concentrated alkali and concentrated phosphoric acid;
4. High mechanical strength: tensile strength up to 4000Mpa, twice thane the alloy.

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