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Volsun A big breakthrough in Fiberglass sleeve

The fiberglass tube is also called the fiberglass sleeve, also known as the self-extinguishing tube, or named the high temperature resistant insulating sleeve. According to the voltage grade and material, it can be divided into silicone fiberglass tube and self-extinguishing fiberglass sleeve. Volsun as a manufacturer of insulation tube, we have been working on insulation protection solutions for over ten years. In order to meet the market demand of high-end customers, we have set up a factory in Yangzhou city, Jiangsu Province, China and invested in several production lines specializing in the manufacture of fiberglass tubes. As a new fiberglass tube manufacturer in Yangzhou, now our factory is running well.

The fiberglass tube has good corrosion resistance, excellent anti-aging, high temperature resistance and frost resistance, light weight, tear resistance and good wear resistance. So it can be widely used in motors, aerospace, electric power, chemical industries, electronics, Rail transit and other industries. And now the fiberglass sleeve used in electric vehicle is very popular, 70% orders of fiberglass tube in our Yangzhou factory are matched new energy car application.

Now, our subsidiary Jiangsu Volsun New Material Technology Co., Ltd., as a fiberglass tube manufacturer, has been focusing on the special requirements of our high-end customers for fiberglass sleeve since the trial production began last year. we are working on smaller size, better oil resistance and better tear strength these higher technical requirements fiberglass sleeve.  After several months of study, we have achieved a big breakthrough in fiberglass tube technology. We manufacture the smallest size of glass fiber tube is 0.5MM. And now we have already successfully delivered large quantities of continuous supply to a motor customer in Shanghai. As for 0.5MM small size fiberglass tube, it is still difficult in technology for most fiberglass tube manufacturers in China. It is really praiseworthy achievements for our Yangzhou factory partners. We are looking forward to the next big breakthrough in fiberglass tube by Yangzhou factory, and win more orders of fiberglass sleeve from all over the world customers. To offer better cost-effective insulation solution for you and help you strengthen competitiveness is our mission. Welcome to visit our website for more detailed information or contact our sales team directly.

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