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Insulation Protection Solution for New energy Vehicle

Oil energy will eventually dry up, and smart human beings have anticipated oil energy crisis in future. Call for substitution energy to resolve this crisis is so urgent for us now.  For the time being, electric energy looks like as the better energy to replace oil energy. So when Tesla’s pure electric vehicle launch to the market, it's been very popular in the market. And two years ago, Chinese electric vehicles named NIO were appeared in London. That means cost should be lower and more environmentally friendly, quiet and clean. Compare to the traditional automobile, higher insulation protection requirements, such as higher working temperature, oil resistance etc. That means different insulation protection solution should be needed now.


Volsun as a manufacturer of heat shrink tube, insulation sleeves, we also follow the footsteps of the new industry. In order to meet new energy customers' needs, our R&D team keep on hard working hard on this new area. Now, we have developed silicone rubber heat shrinkable tube, fiberglass tube, dual wall heat shrink tube and corrugated pipe for new energy vehicle. This high cost performance insulation& protection solution have been approved by some famous brands of new energy vehicle manufacturers.                  

For the new energy vhicle industry, what kind of insulation protection solutions can we offer? Let's have a look. For the battery part, we can offer PVC heat-shrinkable tube and PE heat shrink tube products for insulation& protection. Secondly, For the electric control system, can be used our silicone rubber heat shrinkable tube or  of PVDF heat-shrinkable tube and dual wall heat-shrinkable tube for protection, and the motor part of new energy vehicles, then can be used our 1.5kv fiberglass sleeve, 4KV fiberglass sleeve and silicone rubber heat-shrinkable tube which can withstand high working temperature . In addition, for charging piles, we provide orange corrugated pipes, and for the whole vehicle's wire bundles, we provide PE single-wall heat-shrinkable tubes and double-wall heat-shrinkable tubes for insulation protection. 


The new energy vehicle is another important invention of China. I do believe that will be something to be pround of Chinese. In future, China's new energy vehicles will be labeled as the engine of the Chinese dream. And Volsun will continuously focus on heat shrink tube, cold shrink tube, fiberglass tube etc. insulation tube R&D, sales and service, to fullfill more customers’ requirments on insulation, sealling & protection for automotive, electrical, communications, military industry, shipping and aerospace industries.

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