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Fiberglass sleeve in New Energy Automobile industry

  With the rapid development of New Energy Automobile market, Volsun fiberglass sleeve will play an important role now. Now let’s take a look at where it will use.

  Firstly, since the electric motor of New Energy Automobile have a high request on the temperature resistance and wear resistance. Choosing fiberglass sleeve will not let you down. Volsun Fiberglass sleeve is not only high resistant which can be up to 200℃,but also is scratch resistant. 1.5KV and 4KV fiberglass sleeve are the most popular products for the electric motor insulation and protection.
fiberglass sleeve

  Secondly, Volsun fiberglass sleeve is also widely used in wiring harness bundle and protection.

  Volsun Electronics, we have specialized in insulation sleeve for over 11 years, quality is our culture. Our vision is doubling the value by offering good product and superior service for our customers.

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