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The differences between fiberglass sleeve and cotton varnished sleeve

The differences between fiberglass sleeve and cotton varnished sleeve
Fiberglass sleeve and cotton varnished sleeve are very good high voltage and temp resistant insulation sleeve, sometimes people almost think they are same products from appearance to features.
 Fiberglass Sleeve
But actually they are two different type of insulation sleeves,here we will show you the differences.
 Fiberglass Sleeves
Firstly, they are produced in different methods, cotton varnished sleeve is braided with alkali free fiberglass, and then coated with polyolefin resin insulating paint,But fiberglass sleeve is braided with resin fiberglass and coated with silicone rubber inside or outer, then extruded by the machine.
Secondly, their appearances are different, cotton varnished sleeve is dim and rough, but fiberglass sleeve is shinning, very smooth when you touch.  
Thirdly, cotton varnished sleeve could only resist max voltage at 4KV, but fiberglass sleeve could reach 7KV voltage resistant.
At last, fiberglass sleeve could work under -20 centigrade conditions, while cotton varnished sleeve is not available to use in the low temperature.
So now more and more customers in various industry choose to use fiberglass sleeve instead of cotton varnished sleeve.
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