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Our main products including cold shrink tubing, heat shrink tubing, PTFE tubing, PVDF heat shrink tubing, high temperature heat shrink tube, identification sleeve, permanent cable maker, wire etc.


Braided Fiberglass Sleeve

Heat Shrink Tube

Cold Shrink Tubing


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Medical Grade Silicone Tube


Medical grade silicone tube, using medical silicone rubber materials, precision molds platinum sulfide vertical extrusion molding, the cavity is smooth, standard size, wall thickness, high tear resistance, high resilience, long home-yellowing, non-volatile matter, odorless, non-plasticizing agent, can reach food hygiene, medicine pharmacopoeia, medical and other testing standards, the normal life of more than 10 years.


*         High temperature resistant,corona resistant,flexible

*         RoHS Compliant

*         Continuous operating temperature: -60°C~200°C                                        

*         Standard color: red, blue, white, green, transparency and others.

Technical Performance



Test   Method

Tear Strength


GB/T   1040



GB/T   1040


*         ID:0.4mm~80mm

*         ID tolerances:standard: ±0.1mm,also available: ±0.05mm

*         Characters and Logos screen printed on the surface upon request

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