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Cold Shrink Sealing kits VXS Series
EPDM Rubber Splices for Coaxial Cable Connections
  Cold Shrink Sealing Kits VXS Series offer a safe, easy way to reliably seal connections on coaxial cables. Volsun Cold Shrink is ideal for wireless communications towers and other exposed coaxial interfaces.
  Each Volsun kit includes a cold shrink EPDM rubber sleeve which is factory-expanded and placed on a removable plastic core. Simply prepare the connection, position the tube and unwind the pre-scored core. The natural tendency of the rubber sleeve to return to its original diameter provides constant radial pressure, forming a reliable, water-resistant seal. All without heat, special tools or a time consuming installation procedure. And, it’s easily removed when system maintenance is required.
Unique Benefits
*         Volsun Cold Shrink Sealing Kits VXS Series offer real advantages over other cable sealing methods:
*         Reliable seal against water.
*         Tough, resilient rubber holds pressure seal, even after exposure.
*         Broad application range; can lower inventory costs.
*         Eliminates need for heat source or special tools.
*         Reduces installation time for sealing jobs.
*         Easily removed for inspections or disconnects.
*         Resistant to fungus, ozone, alkalis and acids.
*         Constant radial pressure helps connectors stay together in wind and vibration.
*       Volsun Cold Shrink Sealing Kits VXS Series can be used for sealing of coax cables with Type N or 7/16 DIN connectors.
*       Installation features make it the preferred coax connection seal:
*       Simple installation requires only installer’s hands.
*       Good thermal stability.
*       Excellent weathering properties.
*       Excellent abrasion resistance.
Tested Reliable
   With our years of R&D experience and industry know-how, Volsun Cold Shrink technology has proven reliable in extreme conditions. Volsun Cold Shrink has been successfully tested to the water seal requirements of ANSI Standard C119.1 and IP68. The Volsun Cold Shrink Sealing Kit is RoHS compliant
Specifications Product
    Volsun Cold Shrink Coax Sealing Kits contain EPDM rubber sleeves that are applied without heat or flame. Where cable-to connector diameter ratios dictate the need, foam strips serve as a dimensional spacer between smaller coax cables and the Minimum sealing diameter of the cold shrink tubing. The cold shrink tubing assembly serves as an outer seal which seals on the O.D. of the foam strip or coax cable. The coax cable seal kit provides a moisture seal when installed on the coax cable/connector combinations listed in the “Application Chart.” It is compatible with the coax cables and N or 7/16 DIN connectors.
Application Chart

3M Spec.

Volsun Counterparts

Product Description.



1/4"-7/8" cable to 1/4"-7/8" cable



1/4"-1 5/8" cable to 1 1/4"- 1 5/8"   cable, 1 1/4"-1 5/8" cable to antenna or surge arrester



1/4"-2 1/4" cable to 1 1/4" - 2   1/4" cable, 1 1/4"-2 1/4" cable to antenna or surge arrester



1/4" - 7/8" cable to antenna or surge   arrester

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